It has been too long…

Many moons ago, I registered this site with the full intent of regularly posting pithy articles and technical treatises to enlighten and educate. This is my first post to get the ball rolling.

Keeping involved with the SQL PASS community has also taken a back burner to family life and building my business. But no more!  My posts will be infrequent, and sometimes simple, but the hope is to publish the best little nuggets of knowledge that I’ve dredged up in the hopes of saving someone else from frustration, or providing key insights.

The beauty of building software solutions, is that we get to stand on the shoulders of giants, and that so much is possible, even with limited resources and skills.

The main topic areas that this blog will address are SQL Server, Power BI, Azure, AWS, Cloud Computing, Cloud BI, Origami, Woodworking and probably some photography and life lessons just for grins.

Here is to making that next post. May it be more useful than this one!



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