Tools and resources

There are many tools and script resources on the internet. Here are some that I find invaluable as a data professional:

First Responder Kit SQL Server Scripts, advice and guides for DBA’s and SQL Server developers. If you do not use these tools, you are wasting time, or ignoring potential problems that will come back to bite you. You can even use these tools and automate your own monitoring solution using the Power BI template provided.

SentryOne Plan Explorer – Free tool for digging into SQL Server Query plans. Integrates with SQL Server Management Studio. Improve your SQL and indexing strategies.

APEX SQL Refactor – This is the tool I wanted to write back in 2003, when I was faced with a stored procedure that was 40 pages of 8 point type, printed on legal paper. Formatting the code for readability was step 1, and took me 2 days to get to the point where it was possible to determine the logic & pattern of the remaining 30 pages. Integrates with SSMS and Visual Studio. APEX also has other free tools worth checking out.

More to come!

A cube is worth a thousand reports

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